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Combining two trapping techniques reduces the motion of a levitated bead close to the point where quantum effects should become observable.

Researchers show that a single photon can transfer an excitation from a quantum dot to an ion.

Phonons assist in creating an excitation-dominated state, or population inversion, in a single quantum dot—an effect that could be used to realize single-photon sources.

Strands of DNA can be used to generate waves of chemical reactions with programmable shape and velocity.

The 5D cube. This may be relevant to the fermionic sector of E-infinity spacetime.

A powerful laser beam separates into many smaller filaments that undergo a phase transition similar to fluid percolating through a porous material.

iPhone 6 camera lens could controlled by an ‘artificial muscle'

iPhone 6 camera lens could controlled by an ‘artificial muscle' - Artificial muscle technology uses electroactive polymer (EAP) material The EAP 'smart materials' change shape when near an electrical field Patent claims this could be used to contract the lens up and down...please click to read more...x

The world's smallest transistor is 1nm long, physics be damned

Haswell chips haven’t been on the market that long, with Intel only officially announcing their availability in June. But with Haswell now established, Intel’s focus has already turned to Broadwell, which will see [...]

Evidence of quantum entanglement is uncovered in an unlikely place: the electrical noise in a simple quantum conductor chilled to near zero.

Electron vortices can determine the chirality of crystals in high-resolution imaging techniques.