toilet paper roll cord keeper. genius!

Storing cords when not in use - Use a Toilet paper roll! (Also a paper towel roll, cut to size, would work for the longer cords)


Making lists and batching tasks

10 Things To Do Everyday to Stay Organized - things like 'have a donation station' etc. 10 things to do everyday to stay organized. I need to know this!

Not a big fan of cords but this might help the problem.

Iron Cord Cuffs, diy - no sew from an old dress shirt. I think there are more than one cord that I could do this with. How Brilliant - Cut a cuff of a old dress shirt

Now this is something everyone can do!!!  So flipping practical.  *love*

How To Organize Computer Cords! Love it! I hate dropping those things behind the desk & fishing them out!

Use dollar store soap boxes to organize card games...genius!

Using dollar store soap boxes to organize - card games GENIUS! The crapy cardboard boxes most card games come in do NOT last long in the hand of an excited four year old.

A little bird told me that I should do an "Organizing Cords" post....  so happy day because it's here!      However, I didn't always think h...

You Asked: Organizing Cords

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Paper covered oatmeal canister holds two rolls of toilet paper for the bathroom.

Did you know that toilet paper rolls fit perfectly inside oatmeal cans? Cover with scrapbooking paper and place in your bathroom! (Cathy, hope you don't mind not being the only one with oatmeal containers in your bathroom!

Cardboard toilet paper roll for storing cords. Clever, clever.

Extension cord stored in toilet paper roll. Reuse Toilet Paper Roll as Cord Holder Contain extra extension cords by wrapping the length of one around your hand then sliding the whole thing inside the tube.

Keeps wrapping paper organized

18 Household Tips That Will Help You Get Through Your Everyday Life

toilet paper holder cuffs for the wrapping paper. toilet paper holder cuffs for the wrapping paper. toilet paper holder cuffs for the wrapping paper.