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Thor (Thor Odinson aliases; Siegmund, Siegfried, Dr. Donald Blake, Jake Olson, Sigurd Jarlson, Eric Masterson) (Asgardian god) (Asgard) Warrior, adventurer. Superhuman strength (one of the most powerful beings in the universe) speed, agility, endurance, longevity. Abilities via Mjolnir (Hammer) Flight. Energy absorption & projection. Weather manipulation. Dimensional transportation. Electric manipulation. 6' 6" tall.

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☮ American Hippie Psychedelic Art Design Pattern Wallpaper ~ Skulls

Marvel Soloist Fan Posters (The Punisher) /// by Jonathan Mahoney, via Behance

$30 "The Punisher" The print depicts the Punisher with the smoke from his guns rising to create the Punisher logo. #Punisher #ThePunisher #Marvel

fisk vs castle by *duss005 on deviantART

Superman 3 Android Wallpaper HD

feeling hardcore with it. ;-) drat... hardcores dont wink do they....

My thing... A man's thing. Not some cowardly faggot that hides within the walls of his mothers house and has never driven a car much less licensed, who also makes no effort..... Dang

Do you know the difference between justice and punishment