Except WAAAAY better looking.

Dean, castiel, and Sam. The most sophisticated version of the three stooges.

They have a GIF for death and pizza: | Definitive Proof That The "Supernatural" Fandom Has A GIF For Everything

I love that death enjoys his pizza. Supernatural has a gif/image for everything

i love this

I really can't stand it when people ship two men in a series that are not gay men. I had to make an exception for this because the scoters actually ship it but yeah. Destiel is my ship forever.


Can you gusy finish this textpost: Four score and seven years ago; Dean: “I had a funny hat.” I loe how it always ends up here. The Supernatural Fandom

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Supernatural fandom - We Forgot Adam . we really need to save Adam .

Dean Winchester- stop it Supernatural posts you're making me want to watch this show....This show already dragged me down to Hell, but it's fun down here!!!!

I want to marry Dean.and cuddle and eat pecan pie and watch tv

Enjoy the best quotes / moments from Supernaturals episode LOTUS. LOTUS is the episode of season twelve.

Hello darkness my old friend...

or yelling at the actors to get iron, salt, or holy water, I'm not allowed to watch horror movies with the family anymore

Most hilarious thing I've seen all day:

(Season 10 rewrite) Sass-tiel 13 by enginesummer on DeviantArt i love the fact that we share the same name =D daddy!Cas making dad jokes is honestly the best thing ever