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  • Irini van Klinken

    Harry potter had the best behind the scenes… meme, tom felton, daniel radcliffe, fun behind the scenes, polaroids, photos, spiked hair, enemies, cute

  • Kimberly Le

    When Dan teased the world with a potentially wonderful polaroid story. | 25 Times The Internet Fell In Love With Daniel Radcliffe SO CUTE AWWWWH I LOVE THEY'RE REAL LIFE BROMANCE SO MUCH!

  • Tina Silver

    lol this reminds me of me and my brother except we aren't movie stars...

  • Abby Brumleve

    Young Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe behind the scenes--"Shut up! Shut up now!" Hahhaa

  • Shelby Harper

    Harry Potter! (Well actually Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton) -- so cute lol

  • Christina Titus

    funny pictures, behind the scenes of harry potter. I love you Tom Felton!!

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