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The Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus), one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful mollusks.

The Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus sea slug), one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful mollusks.

Meet the blue dragon — probably among the most beautiful animals on the planet. And he's a sea slug, no less.

Tiny Real-Life 'Dragon' Makes A Stunning Rare Appearance

Tiny Real-Life 'Dragon' Makes A Stunning Rare Appearance. It's a blue dragon sea slug. Who would have thought slugs could be so beautiful.


Sabellidae (feather duster worms) are sedentary marine polychaete tube worms where the head is mostly concealed by feathery branchiae. They build tubes out of parchment, sand, and bits of shell. Geometry in Nature by Esteban Toré


Glaucus atlanticus, Blue glaucus is commonly known as the sea swallow, blue sea and the blue sea slug slug. Life of Blue Glaucus

Luminescent color

I need a bathing suit in this color! Beautiful, almost translucent, Coral colored Sea (Species: Phyllodesmium poindimiei) Slug

Beautiful PERIWINKLE Mandarinfish - Imgur

Beautiful PERIWINKLE Mandarinfish

Look at this gorgeous thing! Work it Fishy! Mandarinfish: bright blue, light sky blue, accents of pink and yellow

Creatures marines nudibranches limace des mers Les 10 créatures marines les plus étranges

Multicolored Nudibranch Photograph by Mohammed Alsaleh, My Shot Generally oblong in shape, nudibranchs can be thick or flattened, long or short, ornately colored or drab to match their surroundings. Some max out at a quarter of an inch millimeters)

Cette larve de papillon de nuit, Phyllodes imperialis, de la famille des noctuidés est originaire d’Australie, du Vanuatu, de Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée et de Nouvelle-Calédonie.

mirkokosmos: This is the caterpillar of the Pink Underwing Moth and is commonly referred to as the Skull Caterpillar. It is found in certain regions of Australia and is listed as endangered. As an adult moth, it will have a wingspan up to 170 mm.