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the old Wendy's newspaper tables

Where's the Beef? My favorite commercial of all time. I remember getting a balloon at the Apple Festival with the lady's face on it and "Where's the beef?" above it.

Ashtrays on every table at McDonald's

I loved this place in the 70's. They were all dark inside with a juke box playing. The tables had checkered tablecloths and those jar candles with the plastic mesh around them. Atmosphere!

McDonalds - McDonaldland Glasses - Weekend Newspaper ad - 1970s

So uncomfortable!!

old school Taco Bell

I remember these! Mr.Pizza had the red ones on each table.

Bewitched was my Favorite TV Show. I loved the magic and twitching of the nose and everything seemed to turn out OK in the end. I can remember a lady coming to our small 2 roomed flat where my family of 5 lived when I was 8 yrs old (now 56!). She was completing a door to door survey on what TV shows the family liked best. How times have changed!

Microfilm Machine - used them in the library.


everybody had end tables like this...

"Where's the beef?" (Often-quoted Wendy's TV ad starring Clara Peller, 1984.)

Silly putty + newspaper

Vintage Sambo's Restaurant Photos...complete with ash tray on the table!

Fifty years later, this guy probably sued Big Tobacco, and his mother - who had never felt over-smoked - was probably on one of those PSAs showing off her tracheotomy and voice box.

I so remember these. Had a couple of them myself.