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    Bonnie and Clyde at funeral parlor.The mob was horrible.One man was even getting ready to cut off Clyde's trigger finger.People were cutting off peice of their clothes and They also were cutting off Bonnie's hair for keepsakes ect.Pretty sick people.

    Grave Marker- Steve Job's Palo Alto, CA. Visitors must be granted permission to view the grave. Apple created the tombstone for Steve Jobs. The family consented.

    Grave symbols.

    When Jonathan Reed’s wife, Mary, died in 1893, the widower didn’t want to leave her side. In fact, he was so devoted he moved in to her tomb, where he lived (with a parrot) for over 10 years.

    I want my grave to be like this

    Ouija Board Infographic. Be careful playing with a used one you don't know the owner of. Make your own for Goddess sake.

    In 1705, Margorie McCall died & was buried after a LONG wake. That night, grave robbers exhumed her. They attempted to cut her finger off to remove a ring but while cutting into her finger, Marge woke up & they bounced. She got out of the coffin & walked home.She knocked on the door just as her family gathered at her home. Deep in grief, her hubby said “if your mother were still alive, I’d swear that was her knock.” He fainted dead away when he saw her at the door, alive. Not an ancestor

    Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession in New York City, April 24th, 1865. The house on the left, on the corner of 14th St. and Broadway, is that of Cornelius Roosevelt, and the 2 young boys looking out of the window are Teddy Roosevelt and his brother Elliott.

    A burial practice going back to at least the 18th century & became obsolete by the end of the Victorian era- covering the graves of the deceased within strong iron cages. Why? These iron cages, known as mortsafes were intended to deter body snatchers from stealing the remains of the deceased. Not a bad idea in a time where human anatomy was still relatively unknown and the only bodies that were allowed to be dissected in many parts of the Western world were those of executed criminals.

    The Meaning of Memorial Headstone Symbols – Infographic

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    Victorian tear catchers, usually used by a widowed bride. Upon the day of the funeral, the widow would collect her tears into this small vile, and all the tears she cried in the first year over the loss of her husband, she would capture in this vile she would wear upon her neck. And on the anniversary of his death, she pours the preserved tears atop his gravesite. It’s tragic, and prolongs the suffering for ritualistic purposes. However, it’s quite poetic.

    What Is the Difference Between Headstones & Gravestones? Headstones and tombstones are markers used to identify burial places. Originally, tombstones were part of the burial receptacle; headstones marked the head of the grave; footstones marked the foot of the grave; and gravestones were a stone slab laid over the grave.

    Haunted Ohio: In Kirtland, a mysterious grave exists at the side of a rural road. Supposedly, it is the grave of a witch executed by local townsfolk in the early 1800′s. If you are lucky enough to find the grave, and even braver still to approach it, something *strange* happens: If you stare at the grave, turn your back to it, then turn around again, the grave will move closer to you. Folk lore? who know?

    Irish American Genealogy & Family History Facts. Proud to be Irish!!

    Keep your individual ancestor genealogy facts with a photo together on a single information sheet. This will keep you organized and save time.

    Mummies Facts — Interactive Games, Maps and Timelines

    Another Way of Tracing Roots: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic [click for article]

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    Bela Lugosi was buried in one of his vampire capes. At the time of his death he was so poor that Frank Sinatra picked up the cost of his funeral.