Allow me to show you the weapons of my people, the vikings.

Celtic shield artwork #circle #art #shield


☆ Very Noble, Massive and heavy Viking throne. The carvings on the Post show elements in the Urnes style. The backrest was with a snake ornament with integrated Thorhammer Runes and decorated. Side post and seat are also carved with runes. Were from the back and front post Rockfish worked out. The fittings are forged with chosen runes decorated :¦: Shop: ☆

Celtic / Viking...

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viking carving photography - Google This is my favourite Norse design.

Axe shield

Viking shield. I will have one.

Lovely celtic knot based drawing by crowly on

Wonderful Celtic Greaves. A greave (from the Old French "shin, shin armour" from the Arabic jaurab, meaning stocking) is armour that protects the legs.


Viking Runes - there are NO blank runes! sometimes a 'spare' blank rune was kept incase one was lost!

Armour for horse. A suit of armour was not only intended to protect its wearer from missiles, swords or hammer blows. A suit such as this drew attention to one’s social status, one’s fashion consciousness and, by virtue of its great cost, one’s wealth.

Viking knife

Gorgeous craftmanship --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Viking Blog (copy/paste)

"Valhalla Rising" Wooden decorative Shield This my first wooden hand made decorative shield! Made of wood slices joined together and cut of in a circular shape. Wood has being distressed and burned. The design around is a part of a dragon ornament on a silver Viking cup (Jelling, Denmark) Hammer burned on an extra piece of wood and placed on main shield. Many oxidized spines embellished shield.

Templar Knight Sword.