Easy Street - (1986-87). Starring: Loni Anderson, Jack Elam, Lee Weaver, Dana Ivey, James Cromwell and Arthur Malet.

Jack Elam......great character actor.

Mission: Impossible TV Series

Jack Elam, wonderful actor. Have to say he is one of my all time favorite character actors. None better. Did many westerns.

Bonanza TV Series ..a family show about a widower and his sons and their western ranch. But it seemed that all the potential girlfriends and wives ended up dying before the end of the episode.

"Combat" TV Series

Dynasty (TV series) ~ John Forsythe; Linda Evans; Joan Collins; John James; Pamela Bellwood; Gordon Thomson; Pamela Sue Martin; Jack Coleman; Michael Nader; Lee Bergere; Catherine Oxenberg; Kathleen Beller; Emma Samms; Geoffrey Scott; Heather Locklear; Diahann Carroll; James Farentino and Lloyd Bochner ~ January 1981 - May 1989

Batman TV series 1966-68

Tarzan & Cheetah from "Tarzan" (TV Series 1966–1968)

The Streets of San Francisco (TV Series 1972–1977)

Dad's Army (TV Series 1968–1977)

William Scott "Jack" Elam -- (11/13/1920-10/20/2003). Film Actor. Uncle Alvin "Bully" Stevenson in tv series "Easy Street". Movies -- "The Cannonball Run I" as Doctor Nikolas van Helsing, "Suburban Commando" as Col. Dustin "Dusty" McHowell and "Soggy Bottom, U.S.A." as Troscliar Boudreaux. He lost sight in his left eye due to a childhood accident. He died of Congestive Heart Failure at the age of 82.

Happy Days (TV Series 1974–1984)

Hill Street Blues- What can I say, it was good and addicting back then. When I hear the theme music I know it's the show. Very rare to have a large TV cast like this anymore.

Why oh why do the series I love have to end after two or three seasons? Legend of the Seeker was good!

joey tv series - Google zoeken

Enos (1980) -- the short-lived Dukes of Hazzard spin-off

The Name of the Game - (1968-1971). Starring: Tony Franciosa, Gene Barry, Robert Stack, Peter Falk, Robert Culp, Robert Wagner, Darren McGavin, Susan Saint James, Mark Miller, Ben Murphy and Cliff Potts. Partial Guest List: Ricardo Montalban, Burl Ives, June Allyson, William Shatner, Yvonne De Carlo, Boris Karloff, Suzanne Pleshette, Shirley Jones, Leslie Nielsen, Robert Kulp, Orson Welles, Robert Wagner, Peter Falk, Sammy Davis Jr., Dennis Weaver, Pernell Roberts, Jack Klugman & Robert Gou...

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Hotel - James Brolin, Connie Selleca and Shari Belafonte-Harper

Julia - starring Diahann Carroll...reruns comes on the new channel called Aspire.