Magic English for kids - 1

Kids Love English: Parts of the House Great idea for kids to study the parts of a house.

Kids Video - I am The Verb... :) Visit for more fun and educational videos. Verbs are all around us, they are always on the move, Watch the video to see them groove!

▶ Jingle Bells from Super Simple Songs - YouTube

SHAKE BREAK- great to play when kids need to shake out the wiggles (Song for Kids ♫ 1:27)

▶ The Feelings Song - YouTube For more pins like this visit:

▶ Little Snowflake from Super Simple Songs - YouTube

Prepositions of Location Song- Kids love it! (YouTube Video)

Preposition song!

The Magic Schoolbus- Going Batty

Good video in Spanish/English describing uses of imperfect vs. preterite with lots of examples

▶ Ten In The Bed from Super Simple Songs - YouTube

▶ Climbing Up This Mountain (Counting by 10s up to 100) - YouTube

kid's songs (playlist)

Where is it?

Best for Kindergarten. Haven't done this with the kids yet.

'What happens at AUTUMN' - song for kids

EwR.Vocabulary #English - Poster: Feelings

Kids Pages - House 1

How to describe your symptoms!