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Haha love this one

Ahhh more Lassie :-)

It was odd for me to hear it too

Gus isn't used to being introduced by his real name :)

I've seen this episode (the pilot) hundreds of times. But this pin just made me realize that Gus was worried they'd mess up and done one would die…and that's possibly what happened later in the episode. Shawn asks Gus if he'd thought about the fact that they could have been alive the first time he and Gus saw the cabin. Meaning that they may have messed up and someone could have died because of it…

It's psych because saying "hey we're fooling you and the police department. Hope we don't make a mistake and somebody dies because of it." is "entirely too long and wouldn't fit on the window"

SEASON FIVE!!!! Chivalry Is Not Dead, But Someone Is, Episode 4. :D :D :D

I love Psych

With Desperaux's help! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.................

Awkward Shawn and Juliet moment Psych Season Five Episode Dead Bear Walking

You're little pants are on fire. Bahahahaha

I'd rather shower with a of my favorite psych lines

“Damn it, I had a handful of gummy worms in my jacket that he probably won’t even eat!”

psych -The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue

And this is why Juliet married Shawn and Gus but mostly Shawn

Psych Season Seven Episode Two Juliet Takes A Luvvah. this part was hilarious!

psych - american duos

Well ya better learn quickly!

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Shawn and Jules Psych. This absolutely made the last episode. This made me cry.

I love this picture!

Gallery Books to publish an investigative book about Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

SDCC 2013 - James Roday, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson, Corbin Bernsen, Maggie Lawson and Kirsten Nelson - Psych

I was waiting in anticipation for this episode of Psych because of Whit Hereford (purple shirt)!!! He's the bomb!

Last night Gus. Easily one of my top five favorite Psych episodes!

Feel like this could happen to me, oh boy!

Psych - 2 creepy dudes - and Gus was the WORST - - such a funny scene

Coolest cast of anything. Ever. <---- yes. why are they not my friends?

New to the Psych fandom? I always wish there was a Welcome Pack for every fandom, so I thought I’d make one for Psych! [[MORE]] The cast:

Jules <3

Jules <3