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omg. i can't even believe how bad she looks now... she used to be so pretty!

Regina George on

I should stop with the mean girls references.

The number of ignorant people that come up to me asking this....

This happened today Desi Problems.

sans dec

sans dec

Despicable Me 2

despicable me wallpaper hd

Yes! I've been trying to put my finger on it for some time now

Deena from Jersey Shore Totally Looks Like Spike from Land Before Time. never thought about this

The German language. Nicht gleich so aggressiv :D

The German language

The German language. hahahaha I'm dying. I've always thought it was a mean sounding language. In high school my dad couldn't understand why I wasn't taking German as my language, since we were had German in the background.

Jajajajajajaja exactamente Joe

No I know it's Ross but what is it short for? Like Rossel? Or Rosstopher? dinosaurs is fine. the drawing is not

Have fun letting your kids be raised by the government. After all capitalism teaches people to put others first, not take advantage of others, and avoids brainwashing others into thinking they need to constantly be buying things they don't have money for #america

College Freshman is one shrewd dude

God Dammit Ms. Frizzle

Funny pictures about Magic School Bus: The series finale. Oh, and cool pics about Magic School Bus: The series finale. Also, Magic School Bus: The series finale.

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Pluto are still friends ......

What is it about cold, distant Pluto that captures so many hearts? Join Neil deGrasse Tyson on his quest to find out. Watch online: The Pluto Files from NOVA. On demand, streaming video from PBS


did someone blink? nope just a racist camera.

Very Demotivational - page 6

Ignore last step. Scald tongue on cheese which is hotter than the asshole of a dying star. Still manage to enjoy.

loving the new 'daily lie' from the oatmeal, did this one last night even!

Funny Memes - [Oh, Disney]

"Let's enforce racist stereotypes.

So that's the guy that's been photo bombing me.

So that's the guy that's been photo bombing me.