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      Signs Your House Is Haunted And What To Do About It. Plus A Great Ghost Story.

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      Spirit Photography - Ghosts on film Spiritography. Spirit Photography - ghost pictures and communication. Capturing ghosts or spirits with a camera for the purpose of communication. - Jim DeCaro.

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      real photos of spirits in graveyard | Ghost Hunting Tips: How to Hunt Ghosts, Hauntings, Real Ghost Photos ...

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    Candle Cove.

    It's ok...I wasn't. Planimg on sleeping anyways. ..

    Ghost picture.....holy f***

    Shadow figure photographed at Rolling Hills Asylum April 2, 2012 (Sharon Coyle, photographer).

    The Picture was taken of a home in Ravenna, Ohio. It was taken by the owners’ 14-year-old son, May 2008. It shows what looks like a young girl in human form looking out the window. She appears to be wearing a blue outfit. The owner of the house and her son were the only ones home at the time and there are no younger children in the family. They have no idea why a young girl would show up in the window of the house. The house has a history of activity but they never saw a ghost before this.

    they said Ouija can help you make friends....they lied

    ghost photos

    14 Spooky Pictures That Suggest Ghosts Are Very Very Real

    This photo shows a little girl peeking around the corner where no one was standing - it has supposedly been analyzed with no evidence of tampering

    Since purchasing her historic plantation home in Hurricane Mills, Tenn., in 1966, country music star Loretta Lynn has reported a number of eerie incidents. When Zak, Nick and Aaron from Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures visited the plantation, they found compelling audio evidence of paranormal activity in the home.

    Ghost Adventures Best Evidence So Far (Part 1 of 3)

    This pic was taken in Greencastle, Indiana at the Ohare mansion - there is a famous ghost of the Pink Lady here and they caught her both on film and video. After being featured on T.V. this film was subjected to heavy photo analysis and shows no evidence of tampering or fraud

    Only anecdotal evidence for this ghost existed until 2008 when 33-year-old Victoria Iovan snapped this photograph, which indeed seems to show the ghostly image of a tall figure in long white garb. "I photographed my boyfriend in the hotel," said Iovan. "Back home I was shocked to see another woman's shadow in the picture. She looked like a priestess in long white clothes."

    Perhaps the most famous of all ghost photos, this highly controversial shot from 1936 of the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall has an interesting pedigree. An example of one of the best photographic evidence for the existence of ghosts ever taken, what makes it so compelling is that the photo was taken not by a ghost hunter looking for the things, but by two innocent photographers sent by the London magazine Country Living to take some interior shots of the building. TBC ON URL

    Ghost Evidence - Paranormal Zone X

    This picture was taken by Ralph Hardy, in 1966, a Canadian tourist who intended to photograph the "Tulip Staircase" in the Queen's House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. Upon development, however, the photo revealed the ghostly figure climbing the stairs, holding the railing with both hands. Many experts, including some from Kodak, could not find any evidence of tampering. Other figures have been seen on occasion in the vicinity of the staircase, and unexplained foo

    ghost on tree

    Marble Hornets

    Slender Man

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