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    • Thomas Byers

      Signs Your House Is Haunted And What To Do About It. Plus A Great Ghost Story.

    • Beverly Boyer

      real photos of spirits in graveyard | Ghost Hunting Tips: How to Hunt Ghosts, Hauntings, Real Ghost Photos ...

    • jennifer andrews

      Spirit Photography - Ghosts on film www.ghostvillage.com Spiritography. Spirit Photography - ghost pictures and communication. Capturing ghosts or spirits with a camera for the purpose of communication. - Jim DeCaro.

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    This is possible paranormal evidence on film. Taken in Gettysburg, there was no person present here where someone appears to be standing near the trees. You decide...

    Ghost Adventures Best Evidence So Far (Part 1 of 3)

    my son calls some of the spirits he sees "the peekers" he says they peek out from walls or furniture and watch him~

    Little Ghost girl. Lookin. For. Parents. ;-$

    Pic was submitted by Australian ghost hunters

    Ghostly Window Photo "Curtain Lace Ghost" Tattered Lace Curtain - Fairy Tale Art - Haunted Photograph. missquietecontrary via Etsy.

    The Emmitt House's Ghosts There were ghosts everywhere. Look closely and you'll see them?

    how to take ghost pictures of yourself

    Don't know if this is real or photoshopped but it's still a wicked cool photo. Super cool & creepy ;D