Aaaaaaaand I just watched this one a bit ago

Am I the only one who noticed that yes, she is not holding a yellow umbrella, but she is in a YELLOW RAINCOAT with Barney while they are talking in the rain?! Significant other significance in yellow rain products.

Timing's a bitch ~robin scherbatsky

Then add How I Met Your Mother, Marshall as the Funny One, Ted as the Nerdy One, and Barney as the Ladies Man

Barney <3

How I Met Your Mother...

Jim and Pam, get me every time.

Ohhh Barney :)

How I Met Your Avenger

How I Met Your Mother + Batman reference = winnnnnn

#HIMYM. #barney talking about robin

How I Met Your Mother. Doppelgängers

how I met your mother funny quotes and pictures | funny how i met your mother barney wish i was that photogenic

Barney :)

HIMYM Barney and Robin :)

"The Robin" part 1

#HIMYM- cutest moment ever :)