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definitely rewound the show to laugh at this one twice. i love a good grammar joke.

How I met your mother is the greatest show of the 21st century. And I have watched every single episode. Love the characters♥

HIMYM interventions! the best way to tell your friends to stop doing something you hate... haha.

Blue French Horn. Yellow Umbrella. The Ducky Tie. Easily the most important things about HIMYM

And that's why I avoid relationships | How I Met Your Mother

Ted and Tracy. Funny how the littlest things can bring two people together.

As I look through this all I can hear is the Music from Dr. Horrible at the end where he is "Suit"ing up in RED.

I don't even watch How I Met Your Mother on a regular basis but I find this quite hilarious. I probably should start watching it more often.

Lol! I don't presume to agree with the show, but yeah, the guy on the right is totally how I am - gullible. [How I Met Your Mother]