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Yeah... Haha people think  weird sometimes when this happens :P

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fr :(

fr :(

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I have the song Timber on there and I always skip it but never delete it.

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So funny, because I remember my mom putting away dishes SO LOUD when I was trying to sleep as a teen. Now I realize, as a mom, that teens are being punished for the 13 PRIOR years they kept us parents up with various nonsense.

I hate this..and even more embarrassing if it is a strict teacher

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I hate this.and even more embarrassing if it is a strict teacher so true

Then my friends all look at me like ‘what’s wrong with her?’ and then they laugh at me

And then my friend start laughing because I was laughing so long or weird that they start laughing and make me laugh


Ok this is just hilarious! It's so true! Unless you are all muscle you feel so fat when you sit down! I always end up lifting my legs up, 'cause I can't stand it. I feel like everyone's staring at my legs!

The hardest thing they will have to do is breathe in the polluted air we are leaving them.

so true bunch of lazy americans

Yessss... And when i'm deleting  those it's a little bit heartbreaking.....glad..i am not the only one!

I NEED to delete pictures off my phone but I'm such a photo hoarder like I never know when this picture could come in handy, I can't delete that.


Like if u wanna go to Monsters University If u don't comment wat college u wanna go to

I did this and i just went along with the answer... i was like "Yeah thats what i meant"

That awkward moment. funny story one time in spanish class she asked what 4 was and I yelled OCHO like I owned the place.