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Niall! I'm such a Niall's girl, he's about perfect and such a person to look up too!!

5 years ago on this wonderful April 15 Niall auditioned on X factor.

This is some what accurate except the zodaic sign, ares the ram is march-April....

Niall Horan - Moodboard In honor of their 4 year anniversary, congratulations One Direction!

so niall wore this jacket today which is APPARENTLY one of zayn's :)

niall...i cant wait for us to have our time...i will meet you...just give me time...we will be together...i love you so much...dont give up on me...just give me time

Awh Nialler and thank you to that girl for wording it right

Oh dear

Hi floor << Why dont we just say hi to the germs?

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This is funny and sad at the same time! Sure we love him and the boys but we can still give them some room to breath!

Is it ok to die looking at this

From X Factor tour to their very own headlining world tour!

Niall's tweet today! who else is exited for the album?! // (5.29.15)

All these Niall dating rumors and I'm over here still shipping Neaf

Look at my Niall! Look at him! :D Isn't he just the cutest?! :D

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Niall ♡ I love how much trouble it looks like he's having opening up his water bottle