Wonder what this kid is thinking about?    "Baby Face B/W" by Adam Shul, via 500px.  "The Baby's Best Friend!"

Sweet face and precious, beautiful eyes. (photo by Adam Shul on


Indian child by Joe Routon. One of many children I photographed on a recent trip to Southern India.

La Vida es tu arte.  Un corazón abierto, consciente, es tu cámara. La unidad con tu mundo es la película. La mirada clara, tu sonrisa fácil, son tu museo...  ॐ    Ansel Adams ( Fotógrafo estadounidense)

Children Photojournalism - News Photography at its Best

Children Photojournalism - The Most Creative News Photography.Also called news photography, this is the most brutal and daunting type of photography.

New Ireland baby - Papua New Guinea

✿ ❤ Papua New Guinea.perhaps a child that knows the what the earth really feels, not something western children are aware of with their eyes, ears, hands and minds glued to the internet. This child perhaps has its hands in the pulse of the earth.

Splash  by rmrr21, via Flickr

Add a tutu on any boy costume & it becomes a girl costume. For all those little girls that like to be super heros too. Love this idea!