You are not famous. Get over it.

Bullshit ❥

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everything happens

You know my name, not my story. You’ve heard what i’ve done. Not what I’ve been true people judge before they understand or know the whole truth very sad people out there...

sometimes it is what it is

So true

People lie, actions don't. When I read this, The thing I think about is Ted Cruz being the only person sitting, not applauding, at the house of representatives while other democrats & republicans were standing, clapping for Obama speech. Actions speak alot louder than words. RINO's go to hell.

so true

Smile :)

The only regret

Please excuse the language, but sometimes i need to remember this

Graphic Designers, painters, tattoo artist, hair dressers, etc... I think we can all relate to this feeling.

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Oh yes!

A billion dollars buys a lot of stuff ... but -- it cannot buy the most important things in life! Love, happiness, and health! Amen.

you are mistaken

Check out The Best from Best Friend Quotes and Sayings this is so true with my friends you guys know how close we are

How true!