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The Octo-Labra by The Source Collection is a high-end octopus candelabra for a tabletop. Four of its eight pewter tentacles can hold tapered candles. Our impressive octopus candelabra, or “Oc…

Sure to start many a conversation while serving up your favorite libations, Vagabond House's pewter Octopus Handle Cocktail Glass Pitcher is a work of intriguing art. Ok so there is a whole octopus theme drink ware thingy you can have.

I think it would be super fun to find an Octopus at the bottom of my cup in the morning! Octopus Creature Cup by Yumi Yumi

Truly a statement piece, the Octopus Ice Tub/Punch Bowl is perfect for keeping your bottles chilled or serving your favorite punch at special occasions. Pewter octopus holds a stainless steel ice tub x x

Sea-sational Chandeliers Jonathan Levine's Octopus Lighting Of all the beautiful creatures in the ocean, I am not sure why Jonathan LeVine’s gallery decided that the octopus or squid would make a beautiful exhibit.

Anchor down and Octopuses! Octopus Cocktail Glasses from Vagabond House: “Any refreshment takes on a seaside flavor in these playful pewter octopus martini glasses, one of my favorite items for outdoor entertaining.” THROUGH SHOR

Can you imagine these tentacle candle stick holders on your mantle? They are whimsical.

beautiful chocolate lacquer octopus tentacle chandelier---maybe not this one, but this idea for the mermaid-themed bathroom

Adorable In a virtual ocean full of Halloween décor ideas, our strikingly sculptural Octopus Candlesticks really reach out and grab you. The post In a virtual ocean full of Halloween décor ide .

This dramatic Octopus Candle Holder will be a statement piece on any large table. The stately denizen of the deep is eager to lend a hand—or eight!—as each of his tentacles clutches a base ready to hold a pillar candle.