Easy "A"; funny movie all around, but this scene and Stanley Tucci's delivery of one line was pure gold. I laugh just thinking about it and now there's a pin for it. #ilovepinterest

I love this movie.

Cabin in the Woods. Best line ever!! it's hilarious!

Bridesmaids-my favorite scene hahahaha

10 things I hate about you..Kat takes on Hemingway

hahaha easy a


this is hilarious!

On owning up to your mistakes. | 23 Hilarious Amy Poehler Quotes To Get You Through The Day

amazing tv couple.

One of my favorite movies

haha so funny

easy a

AH! This is my absolute FAVE scene from the whole movie! :D

Easy A

Fat Amy and the story of my life.

my fave!!

Everyone wants a relationship like The Notebook. I want a relationship like her parents in Easy A

Fat Amy!!!!! My favorite movie with all the best lines combined into one pic!!! Loveeee!!!


Pitch Perfect