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LONELY, sometimes quiet, sometimes talkative. Mostly a shy type girl. You're lucky to have that kind of girl, she only trust few,

I know we're not looking to include the car crash scene in the film, but I thought it'd be good to get some close up footage of red lights or something similar that suggests it to use as something to fast cut between. - Alex

Future FALL Activities: Did you say road trip? It will no longer be a thing left for the summer but moved to the Fall where the air is crisp but warm enough to leave all the windows down smelling the damp pine. Pack your bags and take weekend trips to get away from the stresses of everyday living.

I have a gift. If I close my eyes, I'm alone. I don't have to see the world if I focus hard enough. The chaos vanishes into the cool air like dust. But it's not as pleasant as it seems. Because when I close my eyes, I see something else. I see truth. I see the real thoughts of people. I hear them, though I don't wish to. So I am forced to live with chaos or truth. I can't escape it. You see the world as unpleasant, but what I see is worse. My ability is an imprecation, my blessing is a curse...

There's a time to let the wind destroy your hair. ♥

Lucius, Regulus, Rodolphus and Severus, taken by James and Sirius who had been spying on them all night - 1976

Hi, I'm Emerson Kate or just Em. I'm 6 years old and I'm the youngest and littlest kid in the group. I'm 3 feet tall. I've been riding trains since I was 5 years old. I'm usually quiet sometimes but that's cause I didn't have a good family before. Mummy would hit me and call me ugly. Daddy told me I was stupid and dumb, he made me do all the work I could. I finally escaped and hopped on a train and left. Sometimes my left leg will give out cause I hurt it at home and then I hurt it when I got on the train. A lotta the older kids look after me and are protective of me.

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Whytecliff Park West Vancouver (where I grew up) Lost Lands, 2013 | Gurbir Grewal

It was 4 am. I was so exhausted. Work was still happening at 10:30 and I didn't get home and to bed till 11. Ugh. The bus was cold and my breath fogged up the window. I would have liked to draw pictures in it but I'm not an artist. I hated bus rides. But it was almost over the school loomed in the distance and I was ready for a new day.

live4m0ments: soft grunge & vintage wonderland. u were the most beautiful in 1969, in medieval times, on the new years eve of 00', of everyone at the ball, of everybody ever.

Feel-Good: The feeling of the wind in your hair when you put your head of of the train window, freedom, travel, journey, hope, fun

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Imagine: Harry climbing throught your bedroom window at night to cuddle with you because he misses you and your parents dont approve

I like the idea of having the girl facing away (Looking into a mirror maybe) wearing the jacket with Cry Baby on the back. Could do this in a collage way...