Supernatural - Castiel's Voicemail

Seriously my favorite Cas quote <3


▶ Supernatural- one of the funniest episodes EVER! Dean screams!

Eye of the Tiger. Supernatural.


funny supernatural convention moments. Favorite moment when Jensen danced to Michael Buble :)

This is so great. Love Supernatural.

MUST SEE Supernatural - Safety Dance (We can dance)

Freaking hilarious! Even if you don't watch the show Supernatural you will love this! Misha and Jensen on the "amazing" Jared, alarm clock rings, and Misha's resume

4 minutes and 14 seconds of why supernatural is one of the greatest shows ever invented

Supernatural-Sam and Dean

The Best Supernatural video ever, Very funny, all the mess ups while filming, ITS A MUST SEE FOR A SUPERNATURAL FAN

Supernatural's Jensen & Misha on Panel: Misha's old resume emerges from the depths of ebay to haunt him on stage. Jensen nearly dies laughing. I don't even watch this show, but watching interviews with these guys is entertainment enough!

Jared's son interrupting Jensen. Adorable and too funny!

I laughed way to much at this!!!

Oh, Cas.

Castiel - Supernatural

Dean and Castiel

▶ Jensen Ackles - Eye of the Tiger (Supernatural Outtake) from the episode "Yellow Fever". (one of my favorite episodes EVER)