William Mason House, Thompson, Connecticut, 1845

I LOVE Victorian houses~ and the color of this one is stunningly beautiful!

This Old House

Old Victorian Home in Raleigh, NC

LOVE old houses

love this house!

Victorian home - Thompson, Connecticut

Wedding Cake House mansion near Nashville Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana. Built in 1896 in Victorian Georgian revival style.

A beautiful victorian house In Québec sadly it’s left to rot

The Walter B. Palmer House, completed around 1896. An example of design #73 from the periodical "American Homes". George F. Barber, architect. Via Chris DiMattei & Metraguy

Old House

Old Farm House

Gothic Revival

Doug Williams photo... Victorian Home, Eureka California

Amazing colonial house.


I so love this house!!!

Old abandoned house

forgotten house

Victorian, Arcata, California {*}

Christmas ? This comes from a cool site which has pictures of abandoned Gothic Victorian houses. Amazing to see and wonder what stories they could tell. to me this is what Prince Manor might look like