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How to find jobs in the merchant marine. We tell you how and why you might want to work aboard ship.

"Cudjoe" is believed to be the last slave born in Africa and brought to the United States by the transatlantic slave trade. Before he died, he gave several interviews on his experiences, including one to the writer Zora Neale Hurston. During that interview in 1928, Hurston made a short film of Cudjoe, the only moving image that exists in the Western hemisphere of an African transported through the transatlantic slave trade.

Cudjo Kazoola Lewis photographed with Abache (Clara Turner) by Emma Roche, c. By then there were eight surviving members of the Clotilde group.

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Capacity of One Liberty Ship

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Fotos antigas de pessoas tatuadas: 68 fotos vintage

Owen Jensen: Tattooer-Supplier Traditon By Carmen Nyssen Tattoo artist Owen Jensen was one of the celebrated entrepreneurs of the tattoo trade, whose success was owed to hard work, business savvy, and well-rounded talent.

image of White Irish sugar slaves, photographed in Barbados in Colonial times. As one writer stated, "Nowhere can we find a cinematic chronicle of the Whites who were beaten and killed in White slavery. Four-fifths (80%) of the White slaves sent to Britain’s sugar colonies in the West Indies did not survive their first year."

IRISH SLAVE TRADE: white slaves in the sugar plantations of Barbados. None of the Irish victims ever made it back to their homeland to describe their ordeal. These are the lost slaves; the ones that time and biased history books conveniently forgot.

Car Photography  Automotive Classic Car by DcaseyPhotography, $35.00

Nice Cars classic Car Photography Automotive Classic Car by DcaseyPhotography Old school cars and trucks

Loving the work of Maia Flore.

Anti-Gravity High Tea

The Inner Tyrant | Alive On All Channels  Understanding and Cultivating Silence →

a rowboat in the clouds. (I know, it's on water with the sky reflected but I'm going with a rowboat in the clouds)

... Until the Sea Shall Free Them: Life, Death and Survival in the Merchant Marine ... by Robert Frump

Until the Sea Shall Free Them: Life, Death and Survival in the Merchant Marine . by Robert Frump

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Morning Has Broken Like The First Morning Photograph by Randall Nyhof - Morning Has Broken Like The First Morning Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

An immigrant ship on its way to the United States, 1890. You could be looking into the face of someone from your history. What got you to where you are today..

This picture shows an Immigrant Ship, on its way to the United States. The picture was taken in 1890 American US history photograph


transporting a circus elephant, early photo makes me so sad. Elephants are so smart and the weary expression on this animal's face breaks my heart.

In a rare and wonderful treat for #Titanic historians and casual fans alike, “new” photos of the Titanic have surfaced in a private collection and have been shown to the public for the first time in a century. The photos show Titanic’s launch from the Harland and Wolff Arrol Gantry when she was just an empty hull, and the complete and freshly-painted ship’s departure from Belfast for sea trials. Other photos from the same collection also show Olympic, Titanic’s identical sister ship. All…

Titanic's Belfast launch - As the ship begins to slide into the sea the crowds run after to catch a glimpse of it going into the water Photograph: National Museums Northern Ireland