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Kid President is now an Uncle! So who better to teach him how to be the best Uncle ever than Steve Martin? Bundoo | Best in Parenting

This Minivan is Cray! "Swagger Wagon" Toyota Sienna Commercial - - This music video slash commercial for the Toyota Sienna will have you rollin

▶ Kid President - How To Be An Inventor! - YouTube

Pay It Forward Every Day

Use these ideas for random acts of kindness to facilitate paying it forward on a daily basis with your students.

The Kids Need to Know

This is a wonderful blog about engaging kids minds and hearts while learning.The post features a "kid president" video.

In today’s adventure, Kid President answers some of your questions and in the process learns to speak and live honestly from his heart. Do you have a questio...

I love Soul Pancake and I love Kid President. FYI This is the video Carmen…

You are here. You take up space. You matter. Kid President

"Doin' nothing is a great way to change nothing." Get inspired from Kid President and make it a happy Socktober while you're making the world a better place. <3

LOVE!!! For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President "You have everything you need right now to change the world."