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When homeowners in an historic Art Deco landmark building plan a classic kitchen, stainless steel is probably not the first material that comes to mind. But traditional ideas on what constitutes a classic look are changing.

The Neoclassical style of the first decade of the 20th century had a lighter, more eclectic feel than the preceding Victorian era, and also foreshadowed the upcoming Art Deco movement. Pink onyx recalls cameos, a popular Edwardian jewelry design. The stone is relatively soft, ideal for carving detailed moldings and motifs.

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Guilhermes Home Studio / Studio Guilherme Torres


Cozinha de sonho...para os cafés de domingo!

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Gallery of Hunter Street / ODR Architects - 7

Hunter Street / ODR Achitects

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Gallery of Retreat in the South-Indian Countryside / Mancini - 1

concrete in the house

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Pirates Bay House / O'Connor and Houle Architecture

Pirates Bay House by O’Connor and Houle Architecture

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The Shadow House / Liddicoat & Goldhill

Cool Kitchen