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Casquitos de Guayaba (which literally means little guava peels) is a Cuban dessert. We learned to make them from Cuban friends in Bolivia.

How can I make my own homemade yogurt in Bolivia? There's no good regular yogurt in Bolivia. All the yogurt is watery and runny and too sweet!

Tomato, Basil & Feta Quinoa Salad -

How to Cook Quinoa

Pip & Ebby - Breakfast quinoa with blueberries ( made with almond milk, honey, vanilla, and cinnamon YUM)

Slow Cooker Quinoa, Chicken and Kale Soup - easy, hearty and filling and loaded with nutrition and protein!

Vegetable and Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini is a super easy healthy dinner you can make days ahead of time. Incredibly delicious! Taste Love & Nourish

How to Fix Common Baking Disasters. This is an especially good article for those who live in high altitude areas, such as La Paz.

Picana: a traditional Bolivian Christmas Eve soup made with both beer and wine.

Apple Raisin Tomatillo (Tree Tomato) Crumble. So this isn't really a typical Bolivian food. I made it up today. But anyway... I'm here in Bolivia so... :)

What makes Bolivian lemonade so green and delicious?

When you live in Bolivia, finding blueberries is like striking gold!

Why am I so happy about finding blueberries in Bolivia???

Why should Brazil nuts actually be called Bolivia nuts?

Chicha Morada (Purple Corn Juice) enjoyed throughout the year in Bolivia, but also on Day of the Dead it is especially nice with Tantawawas

Tantawawas (Bread Babies) made in Bolivia on Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Tatú - Bolivian roast armadillo


Sweet, delicious fried plantains

Maracuya Sour

Cherimoya ice cream trifle

Pacay, an unusual Bolivian fruit

Pastel de Choclo Pure Corn Goodness!

Your first taste of Tarija, Bolivia!