L. Langtry from New York Public Library Gallery

Lillie (Lily) Langtry, 1885.

Lillie Langtry & Sarah Bernhardt

"Imagine the summer of 1905. At the races at Auteuil (near Paris) a woman appeared wearing trousers in public for the first time. Her name is unknown, but this is a picture of her. Police men had to protect her against the curiosity and outrage of the crowd. The incident dominated the newspapers for days on end."

First New York City Subway Ride 1904

women with guns

Three women from Guadeloupe, on Ellis Island, about 1910, by Augustus Sherman

The Great Depression originated in the U.S., after the fall in stock prices that began around September 4, 1929, and became worldwide news with the stock market crash of October 29, 1929 (known as Black Tuesday).The Great Depression had devastating effects in countries rich and poor. In many countries, the negative effects of the Great Depression lasted until the end of World War II.

Henry VIII a Ana Bolena...Happy Valentines "The demonstrations of your affection are such, and the beautiful words of your letter are so cordially phrased, that they really oblige me to honour, love, and serve you for ever.... "For my part, I will out-do you, if this be possible, rather than reciprocate, in loyalty of heart and my desire to please you. "Beseeching you also that if I have in any way offended you, you will give me the same absolution for which you ask, assuring you th...

Tea time in the garden, 1890s

Suffragette (women's rights movement) Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested after protesting near Buckingham Palace. London, England, [1907-1914].

Rare vintage photograph of an onna-bugeisha, one of the female warriors of the upper social classes in feudal Japan

And more Civil War dresses.

The graves of the Titanic dead Most of the gravestones identical, with the name and identification number of the victim, and the identical date of death, 15 April 1912. There are over 300 graves in Halifax, most in this cemetery, and also some in the Roman Catholic and Jewish cemeteries.

Anne Carey, Countess of Clanbrassil, 1636, great-great granddaughter of Mary Boleyn

A document bearing the signature ‘Anne the Quenen’, written by Anne of Cleves during her short time as Queen of England

Arthur Macarthur was a brave teenaged officer in the Civil War. He won the Medal of Honor at 18, and was a Lt. Col by the age of 19. Years later his son, Douglas MacArthur, would also win the Medal of Honor - making them one of only two Father-Son recipients of the Medal of Honor.

Beginning of the Civil War.

Louise Cromwell Brooks (1890-1965) was an American socialite considered to be Washington's most beautiful young women. She is shown here in 1911 at the age of 21 wearing a most fashionable ensemble. She was married to General Douglas MacArthur from 1922-1929.

Lillian Russell. A curvy beauty in the late 1800s. She was around 200 lb at the peak of her career and was considered, "The American Beauty."

Edwardian man sitting on fence by pepandtim, via Flickr