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Student describes a rock's attributes, partner tries to find it. I've done this with peanuts... but I like this better!

Discover rock secrets through these activities. Create a rock collection as you learn about the three main types of rock, find out how to tell the different rock types apart, and see how rocks change from one type into another!

from Heather E. Wright

201 Writing Prompts / Writing Prompts and More–

201 Writing Prompts- this makes me wish i had the time to respond to each and every one of them. very diverse list!

from Science 6 at FMS

Identifying Rocks

Rock Cycle [More important than you think! When picking rocks for hardscapes you want to use Metamorphic rock in most cases, especially with water (so it doesn't leach anything into the water) but it is also important to know what type of rockscape your c

Rock Inquiry Provocation. Lots of other Reggio-inspired science and math provocations. (Living-Non-living, I see, I think, I wonder)