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    A Simple Carb-Cutting Trick For Weight Loss

    by Jenny Sugar
    If you're a carb queen, you don't discriminate. You'll gladly bite into a warm and chewy roll or a forkful of pasta, grab a handful of pretzels, or devour a just-out-of-the-oven blueberry muffin. While I'm all for enjoying carbs, loading up on bread
    • Casimer Ledner

      Ways to swap produce for carbs and save #better health solutions #healthy eating #health tips #better health naturally #health food|

    • Kristin Farwell

      Low carb substitutions. Swap produce for carbs and save calories.

    • Santiago Mitchell

      Great ideas to add veggies & lose processed carbs in meals & snacks via #healthy eating #better health naturally #organic health #health tips #health food|

    • Rocio Martinez

      Ways to swap produce for carbs and save calories Go onto the list above and click Healthy living and then on "healthy snacks" for a whole list of healthy ideas!

    • Lisa Tyson

      Swap produce for carbs and save calories [carb replacements for bread]

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    Ways to Swap Produce For Carbs and Save Calories

    Ways to Swap Produce For Carbs and Save Calories

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