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30 imagens marcantes que valem mais que 1000 palavras

Did Ghost Adventures capture a “demon” on film?– During the crew’s 4th investigation of the new season, Bagans missed this crucial piece of evidence. Alerted by fans of this unbelievably creepy face, he later said: “I can’t say if it’s a demon, or...

Photography inspiration

LCM Meaningful: I picked this because this photo makes me think of something deep. Like this photo was taken to mean something.

From the film, "Saving Private Ryan". Occupied France, WWII, just after D-day. An American soldier carrying a French girl.

Video Game-Esque Renderings of Everyday Japanese Life

The Japanese daily life seen through a nice series of animated GIFs, imagined by the author of the Tumblr who captures into small and cute animated illustrations some mundane scenes of everyday life to describe the atmosphere of Japan.