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Jasmine + Skyler Wedding Highlights

Jasmine + Skyler Wedding Highlights by Twigs and a Pearl. First off, let's recognize how beautiful these two people are! Not only are they absolutely gorgeous on the outside but they are some of they most amazing people on the inside as well. Skyler plays football at BYU as well as rocking it in school while his beautiful wife is in the Masters of Accountancy program at BYU. Gorgeous, Smart, NICE, Fun, and just downright two great people made for a great wedding day!

Jimmer + Whitney Wedding Film

Jimmer + Whitney Wedding Film by Twigs and a Pearl. We are still so grateful for the opportunity to have filmed Jimmer and Whitney Fredette's wedding! They got married in the Denver Temple and had their reception at the Cherry Hills Country Club. Their day was absolutely perfect- perfect weather, perfect locations, and perfect Bride and Groom!

Jared + Kelli's Fun Wedding by David Perry. Candids and braids. Check out how a wedding can be one of the most enjoyable days of your life. Love it!!

Their lovely wedding photos at They themselves happen to be photographers too! Check them out at I love how unique and vintage their wedding is.

Bride's Special Dance

Her father passed away before the wedding and the men in her life wanted to do something special for her.just beautiful, I cried

Dylan + Tauri | Wedding Film by Digital Memorys Video Production. i love everything about this wedding

Easy DIY Bridal Shower Ideas from Pinterest

Great for a bridal shower or to hang on the front door the week of the wedding!!!