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If a dog will not come to you

38 Unexpectedly Brilliant Tips For Dog Owners

Nutrition is next semester! So excited for it actually! I am always examining labels (for my pet food that is...I should care more about myself!). My cats eat well but not so well that I go broke. Hence: labels labels labels!!

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Pitbull Myths, Facts, And Legends That May Absolutely Surprise You. There are a lot of little known Pitbull facts as well as a few well known Pitbull myths that are quite interesting. Before getting any breed of dog it is wise to examine the factual and statistical information about that breed rather than just accept media gossip and stories.

One of the most destructive events of the First World War, the Battle of the Somme was a 142-day campaign including a series of smaller…

St. Louis has many little-known facts and firsts including: The 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair was where the soft drink Dr. Pepper was introduced, the ice cream cone and iced tea were invented and hot dogs and hamburgers were made popular with a large audience. St. Louisans consume more barbeque sauce per capita than any other city in America. Pork steaks and 7-Up were invented in St. Louis. The largest collection of mosaic art.. read all about it...

Not everything sold in business is about the profits; sometimes it's about making your customers happy. #entrepreneurs #smallbiz

Amazing outstanding strangest photos A big dog and a man This is a post that may definitely attract the interest of all people in spite of the fact whether or not they area unit icon lovers or otherwise. during this post you may definitely get to check some exceptional snaps that state way more than 1000 words. some of the photos have to be compelled to do with amusing occurrences whereas the opposite discusses the unnoticed bond of affection between pets and other people. This post…

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((URGENT)) **4 MO. OLD PUPPY ALERT** Adorable Ewok (terrier/schnauzer mix) lost his home, his owner surrendered him to this high kill crowded shelter. "baby boy is super cute but it's so sad to see that at his age, he already knows so much fear and sadness. He loves to play and will try to get a game going if you come visit w/ him. Please take another look at this sweet baby and SHARE." Owner surrendered aren't given much time by shelter to be adopted. HURRY!