baby dolls zapf | baby annabell by zapf creation 18 inch sound and motion

Barbie Doll Brush Beauty Lot Plastic Multicolored Pink Blue Purple 80s 90s Nice $10.99 #barbie #toys

Hehehe.... I still have mine. Talking Baby Sinclair | 31 Awesome ’90s Toys You Never Got, But Can Totally Buy Today

I used to love to play with this doll house. One of my favorite things as a kid

I always wanted one of these!

Drowsy doll

90s Baby Doll Food - the cherries disappear like magic!

Baby All Gone

90s toys | Tumblr #Home

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Troll Dolls

VINTAGE Raggedy Ann and mom made me a set very much like these...sadly they're not to be found anywhere now :(

Baby Born | 55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic

Betty Spaghetty

Water Baby

I remember how magical it was that the juice and milk disappeared...where did it go?!

I remember playing with one of these as a very little kid...

childhood memories

I so had this!!

had these at school, had such fun!