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  • Isabel Hernández

    An Orrery demonstrates many of the important aspects of the monthly and annual movements of the Earth and Moon. The first was made by George Graham in 1710

  • Numen Machine

    Vicki Lane Mysteries: Irrational Orrery Lust.

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19th Century Theodolite - precision instrument for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes. Theodolites are used mainly for surveying applications, and have been adapted for specialized purposes in fields like metrology and rocket launch technology. A modern theodolite consists of a movable telescope mounted within two perpendicular axes—the horizontal or trunnion axis, and the vertical axis. When the telescope is pointed at a target object, the angle of each of these axes can be

Vintage World Globe Trippensee Planetarium C1943 by UPSTARTS - I want one of these!

hexington: Freaking obsessed with Orreries - I must have one. I have to agree

Orrery - a heliocentric model showing the relative movements and position of the moon + planets

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Freaking obsessed with Orreries - I must have one.

Fantastic Orrery -Solar System Globe

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Viewed from the top, this 18th century device designed by James Ferguson, is an amazingly complex clock. Viewed from the side, its role as an orrery (planetary model) becomes apparent.

宇宙儀 19世紀 / 占部浩 -- Celestial Model, 19th century