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    Love Drawings Hearts and Roses | how to draw tattoo love step 9

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    cool coloring hearts | how to draw tattoo love step 9

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Dreamcatcher with peacock feathers!

Growing up, Bambi was one of my favorite movies so this drawing really stood out to me. The expression in Bambi's face is great

Elsa and Anna - pencil drawing.

Disney-Frozen. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events: yonkersfun.com/...

Princess Sketch- Ariel, Elsa, Anna, Belle, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Merida, Tiana, Mulan, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora

Step by step acrylic painting demonstration done by me (Jeanne Cowan) of an echinacea flower.

Original mounted pencil drawing of baby bunny by vicksanimalart, £35.00

paintings of daisy flowers | Art by Serena Lewis: Coming Up Daisies

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drawing amimals with pencil | incredibly realistic pencil drawings of cute and adorable animals ...

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AllanDavisArt Frozen drawing - Elsa and Anna This is my drawing of Elsa and Anna from the film Frozen using Prisma Colour pencils.

Check out the family's review of Frozen here: chaptersandscenes...

Cool way to draw a face with all details

So cool! Eyes are one of my favorite things to draw and the addition of melted crayons make me happy :)

Sketches, cool sketches. write out things with random objects to draw

one-thing-1d: OMG love this sooooo much~! i wish i was that creative :( Want more blue on your dash? Well then check me out!

Cool thing to do for your kids

Sharpie, 350 in an oven for 30 minutes. I'd thought of drawing faces, but it never occurred to me to have things hauling the food in! Maybe my kid will eat something once in a while.How cool is that!!

absolutely love this idea! Could do as a self-portrait sihlouette with words about self or lyrics to favorite songs and quotes, etc.... I've done somethin pretty similar to this... But drawing all the things I love & are important to me in this weird off-shoot.., in the middle of designs... Itz just fun!!!

This is a cool art activity for kids to learn about their classmates. what you do is you wrie the kids name on the piece of paper. Then have them draw a line from their name to an empty space and write something about themselves. Whether it be their favorite color, food, actibity, etc. This is a great thing to fingure out what they have in common with their class mates.

Charcoal still life drawing I thought this was really cool an good drawing. They are using charcoal to make it, which makes me wonder how exactly they did it so neatly. Is the charcoal the one like in grilling? Or is it just named the same thing? Xavier

Global City is an impressive new mural by graffiti artist Deck Two that was completed early this month in New York. The line drawing, which stretches across white walls and cabinet doors, includes major landmarks and scenes from countries around the world.