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    • lisa shipley

      Classic Horror Movies | ... Movie Of All Time? nosferatu still 17.04.12 – Classic Horror

    • Wild Eyed Southern Celt

      Nosferatu (1922) this is a very scary movie--a must see for lovers of horror films. Perfect for a Halloween party

    • Hannah G.

      How Many Classic Horror Films Have You Seen? I have a depressingly low score on this...need to catch up!

    • Jessica B

      Nosferatu - the original Vampyre

    • Hookakat1

      What Your Favorite Scary Movie Says About You

    • Tony Gandía

      Nosferatu: this original movie vampire from a 1922 silent film is beyond creepy despite primitive make up and effects budget.

    • Kyra Kyles

      My dude, Nosferatu, would eat True Blood and Twilight vamps as an appetizer.

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