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New Obamacare Ads Use Santa, Keg-Loving Partiers To Sell Insurance

The ads, which all live on the website, are a collaboration between Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNo...

Every developed country in the world cares about and provides healthcare to ALL of its citizens on an ability to pay basis, except one.

What does a Trump Presidency mean for your health coverage? - #Trump #Bencarson #Getcovered #Healthcare #Jobs #Obama #Obamacare #ad

Its time to fight back against the propaganda coming from Obama and his liberal hacks, such as Ellen. That's why it's time to launch a new wave of our TV ad campaign noting that millions of Americans lost their insurance from Obama's healthcare scheme and celebrating the effort by Ted Cruz and Republicans in Congress for fighting so strongly against ObamaCare.

Nov 12 Something Very Strange is Taking Place Off the Coast of Galveston, TX

New Obamacare Ads Feature People Getting Drunk, Trying To Get Laid…! THIS IS HOW A SANE GOVERNMENT FUNCTIONS? OMG!

Parent ‘Manhandled’, Arrested While Speaking Out Against Common Core at Public Forum

$41 MILLION TOTAL FOR PR CAMPAIGN WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS TO PUSH "AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE" THAT'S ANYTHING BUT AFFORDABLE....Obama Administration To Spend $12 Million On Ads Touting Obamacare In A Dozen Republican-Led States…Taxpayer-funded regime propaganda. Please call John Boehner to defund it 877.976.7521 Thanks.

We here at the Conservative Campaign Committee don't ever believe in playing "defense" in the arena of politics. We're not going to wait for the news media to admit that Ted Cruz was right and Barack Obama was wrong - because that day will never come. That is why this Super Bowl day we are going to broadcast TV ads thanking Ted Cruz for standing up and trying to spare the American people the disaster that ObamaCare has proven to be.