Jessica wore a mummy costume to announce her pregnancy on Halloween (how appropriate!). She said, “It’s true! I am going to be a mummy!”

Website filled with easy homemade Halloween costumes... Repin for next year!!!!

halloween costume?? - paint too :-))

wonder woman // DIY brunette costume inspiration

Halloween costume

Minion costume for infant boy! (Great idea!, but i'll make a better one! :) )

Halloween Costume: Black & White characters using grayscale makeup. How cool!

50 best halloween costumes of 2012

This website is the Pinterest of costumes

not that this will ever happen but its a good idea for one of my sisters adorable costume ideas for someone that's pregnant

Jelly Bean Costumes!!! I'm going to remember this for cute and easy Halloween costumes:)

Mummy pregnancy costume

Cute DIY Halloween costume!!! WHAO! I know what I'm going to do for halloween ;)

Halloween costume ideas: Cute and Simple!

Mummy costume made from Dollar Tree Halloween Decor. (Kaydance 2012)

Coolest mommy baby holloween costume EVER! JESSIE JOHNSON THIS REMINDS ME OF YOU & LIAM

25 Pregnancy Halloween Costume Ideas - blog - Pregnant Chicken

New Women's Pirate Costume Accessory "Pirate Vixen" Pirate Coat Grey Large (or something like this....much better lol)

Mummy Costume made from Dollar store Halloween Decor!! (2012 Kaydance)