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I pretend that being a single mom isn't as hard as people say, but it's the hardest and loneliest struggle I've ever been through.


It’s only fair since I am a mom and being a mom is my first priority, the one thing that consumes my life entirely weighs all on my mind. I have been thinking, searching, and still don’…

How to balance family and your G.P.A.

Going to college and having a family is not easy, but you can do it! Here's how to balance family and your G.P.A #backtoschool #mom #education

Ugh...Yes! This summer has been wonderful due to family being so nice and taking the kids. But once they are gone j miss them so much. Love those little gophers to the moon and back!

Grumpus Organic Baby Bodysuit

Not the way it was supposed to be when we were CREATED, but thanks to sin and the never-ending war of the sexes… Single moms… Mad props to any and ALL single ladies that are on top of their parenting responsibilities!

#SinglesWeek marches on! Here's some advice for Single Moms from Dr. Phil: