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true life.

Sometimes, someone has to hurt you deep enough for you to realize how much better your life is without them in it. Sad to say but there is so much truth in this!

Something to think about.

Ugh, so true BUT the twist is that we shouldn't expect anything in return. We should just pour out love and expect nothing in return. Tough thought, but truth. The way The Lord wants us to live, I'll keep living my life for The Lord!

And your first love isn't always the one you're meant be spend your life with. You never truly get over this person because they are the one who taught you what it was to truly love someone. Although you may never fully get over it, you can move on. Sometimes the only way to get over someone to find someone who you care even more about. It may be hard to believe but when it happens, when they come along, everything seems to make a whole lot of sense.

Your first love isn't always the first person you kiss, or the first person you date. Your first love is the person you will always compare everyone to. The person that you will never truly get over, even when you're convinced yourself you've moved on.

Sweet home Alabama love

Sweet Home Alabama. The truth is I gave my heart away a long time ago, my whole heart, and I never really got it back. Love this Movie!

if you love someone more than they deserve, expect you'll be hurt more than you deserve.

The sad thing is. I think it's true. But we're all loved more than we deserve by God. So how much does he hurt? When we hurt trust that God understands our pain and does not leave us to dwell in it.

If you really love someone be fearless, speak your mind, and tell them how you feel!

"if you love someone, tell them. Forget about the rules or the fear of looking ridiculous. What is truly ridiculous is passing up on an opportunity to tell someone that your heart is invested

Take chances.period.

Take Chances Poster

i've done a number of these, i just need to post this to remember not to regret those things :)

Gentlemen live by this.

Good advice: Don't make a girl or guy fall for you if you have no intention of catching them.

20 Rules A Woman Should Live By... Definitely stuff my mom has been teaching me. Now I'm finally listening

20 Rules A Woman Should Live By

20 things to live by. Love this! You don't have to listen to how other people want you to live your life. Live it your way. Do your things. Make your own mistakes. Live life for YOU while you still can.