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  • Robin Londt

    Best Survival Guns: Handguns, Shotguns and Rifles for the Survivalist | Outdoor Life

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if semi-auto rifles are banned, the american people will revert to the winchester / marlin lever action. Marlin 1895 lever action rifle

Marlin Rifle 1895 Guide Gun Big Loop Lever-Action Carbine

Marlin lever action rifle 30-30. I'd like to get more into lever action. Never owned one.

Marlin 1895GBL in .45/70! Never owned one, but I've handled them and I can't imagine a better bear gun!

Only a couple other kinds of guns get put up on this page. Assult rifles and a beauty like this.

Marlin 336 Rifle Had one chambered for the 444, heck off a 100 yard gun.

Marlin 45-70 lever action 18 1/2" barrel Walnut stock One of my favorite guns to shoot.

Marlin 35, dream lever action... -

This gun is designed to break apart for easy transport and storage, making it almost half as long as the fully assembled rifle. And because the scope is mounted on the barrel itself there’s no shift in the zero whatsoever. THINK ABOUT: A fast handling take down lever action rifle with an overall length of as little as 35 inches, that weighs as little as 6 1/2 lbs. and has MOA accuracy.

The Marlin 336 Lever Action Rifles: Scooped and scoped