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Escape ants are a tower of strength

Teamwork by Fahmi Bhs, Ants forming a tower to reach the top of a bird cage they were being kept in. #Photography #Ants

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We've got a lot of time for this 'panda ant'

panda ant, Euspinolia militaris. AiN'T she cute? :P FROM:

Oh, absolutely! That is one quality that most people lack (but when I find it in another human, I'm instantly attracted and intrigued): The capacity to see value in smaller, and widely misunderstood, lifeforms. In other words, bugs/insects/arachnids are neat.

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AWESOME Ant Photography [Pics]

I´ve got the power! - Great ants photographs

The honeypot ant - a perfect example of nature’s strategy to survive in bad times. The honeypot ant or honey ant, is a normal ant species, but has adopted a special strategy to survive when there is a lack of food. Some of the working ants eat food and divert it into sweet syrup and save this syrup in their abdomens. For that, there abdomen grows big like a pot, sometimes to the size of a grape.

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Incredible ANT-ics! Close-up photography shows the amazing strength of these tiny insects

Great shot! Ants with giant seed pods from a Mimosa tree, photographer Eko Adiyanto from West Java