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#Tire #Carvings Beautiful patterns and designs carved into used car tires by Wim Delvoye. Detailed carvings were made by hand using sharp knives. Belgian artist transforms new and recycled rubber tires into unique works of art.

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10 Mind-Blowing Sculptures Made From Old Wheel Hubcaps

Old Hubcaps Recycled Into Stunning Animal Sculptures- Brighton, UK-based artist Ptolemy Elrington has been morphing discarded hubcaps into amazing animal sculptures.

Book carving art

Book carving art

Book carving art

Book carving art< I don't know what you're seeing but I am seeing CARVED. BOOKS. This is HORRIFYING. DREW A MASTERPIECE IN ANGEL BODY PARTS.

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Carved Tires by Wim Delvoye

It’s hard to believe that each one of these used car tires is hand-carved by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. The collection of tires features intricate pattern work with various motifs, like floral and Art Deco.

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Sakir Gökçebag - Installations Made Out of Toilet Paper

Installations Made Out of Toilet Paper

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Seo Young Deok's Incredible Chain Sculptures

Korean artist Seo Young Deok uses exclusively upcycled materials – bike chains to be more specific – to create his designs. He used welded metal chains to link the human figures together piece by piece.

Korean artist Yeong-Deok Seo creates imposing figurative sculptures using tightly knit configurations of welded bicycle chains and industrial steel chains.

Paper artist Sachin Tekade deconstructed architecture and patterns created as a consequence of seismic activity.