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Vintage Sugar-shakers. Holly Exley

Goldfinch Painting - Original Watercolor Painting

Four Leaf Clover Watercolour - reminds me on one I have, pressed in a library card, sadly with one leaf broken apart.

Brushes - a good way to keep the writing juices flowing is to take a break, and enjoy creating in a different way.

After you’ve worked with them for awhile, the paint pans will become a work of art in themselves.

Somehow, we all have out flip side. Tune can't see, but can play the piano better than anybody. Flip can't control anything she might do, but she can make you laugh without even trying. And me? Well, I'm the glue that stick everybody together.

mexico palette...another example of "no wrong colors in Mexico" www.casitassayuli...

ok, not the clothes (the ring is cool, but) -- the color scheme. I like this for spring.

Inspired by these colors.

Blind contour drawings of floral arrangements (expressive with ink and stick) - further develop by building up colour washes in watercolour