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Small Daily Motivation Quotes Albertha: Our Company offers a proven sales system, lifetime renewals, exclusive leads, etc... We have put together an incredible package of benefits for all of our team members... If you fit the criteria, please call us. We

Why the hell can't we be together, Doctor? Because you're with Elsa? Is that it? You really love HER more than ME? I was your soul mate, not her! So why the hell can't we go back to how things were?? Give her up, why don't you!

Why Practice Yoga: 5,000 Years of Reasons & Benefits

A lifestyle with yoga in it has enough benefits to fill volumes. Read on and discover a short list of some simple yet powerful ways yoga can positively impact your life starting today!

"Sometimes it's okay if the only thing you did today was breathe" Just don't have too many of those days...