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World's Best Stargazing Sites

Explore seven incredible destinations for sky-watchers, from the top of a crater to a star-studded desert sky.

In January 2007, a huge crater opened at the construction site of the Pinheiros subway station in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Officials said a passenger minivan had fallen to the bottom of a 40-metre (130-foot)-deep pit dug to facilitate delivery of supplies for workers, and the lip of the hole gave way to a landslide, taking with it vehicles on a roadway around the edge and dumping tons of earth, asphalt and concrete on them.

This giant 40ft deep hole opened up on the Mancunian Way in August 2015 - with fears the road could be shut for weeks. Traffic was halted in both directions after the crater - measuring at least 15 feet - appeared at the Ancoats end of the busy Manchester commuter route

An aerial photo shows a massive crater that appeared in a residential street in Schmalkalden, Germany, in November 2010

Sinkholes, craters and collapsed roads around the world, in pictures

Vale da Lua is one of the most popular spots in Chapada dos Veadeiros. Its rock formations refer to the craters of the moon and are dotted with pools, holes and caves. Photo: @vitormarigo #ChapadadosVeadeiros #Goiás #VisitBrasil #LoveBrazil

War Illustrated Oct 1916: " The work of the RAMC goes forward day and night, none the less splendid because it is carried on in silence. Under fire and over the crater-marked ground these gallant gentlemen go out to rescue their wounded comrades, availling themselves of every shell hole, clinging to whatever cover present itself, with a dexterity born of peril and experience." Bottom: Fierce battles for High Wood, a German 4.7 in gun and crew were trapped in a heavy barrage. - 142E272 Old…

Dinosaur killing asteroid