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  • Ruspeach

    SOUND: "Когда в доме много зверей, сердце у детей растет быстрее, чем они сами" © Марина Степнова. "When there are a lot of animals at home, heart of a child grows quicker, than themselves" © Marina Stepnova У вас есть домашние животные? [u vas jest' damàshnii zhivòtnyi] - Have you got any pets? собака [sabàka] - dog Соб

  • Morgan K

    There's a reason there are so many pictures of babies with German Shepherds. It's because they're the best dogs ever. =]

  • Big Barker Dog Beds

    They have natural bond with children #gsd #Germanshepherds

  • Vanessa

    Adorable little baby and his puppy friends <3

  • Anita Leppa

    So Happy:)

  • Laken Delgado

    German Shepherd Puppies Cute Pictures | Pets World

  • Barbara Ford

    A boy and his brand new friends.

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