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Astrogeography • 1 year ago

ArgyleEmpire: Destination Toronto: Windsor Arms Hotel ~ Click the picture for the blog post by Cranberry + new pinterest board in honor of Toronto: Astrogeo position: in the highly magnetic royal fire sign Leo indicator of personal emotionality, pleasure and sexuality with the earth sign Taurus the sign of local centers, market places and enjoying food. Constellation for a luxury and pleasure orientated town center accomodation.

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The bar at Windsor Arms Hotel

Spa time at Windsor Arms Hotel

Red Tower, Town Hall, Basel, Switzerland | Flickr. Astrogeographic position: in the earth sign Taurus the sign of town centers and market places so typical for the place where a town was founded. 2nd coordinate is in the emotional water sign cancer which would have to serve as the indicator for the red colour of the town hall. Valid for field level 4.

Location of Windsor Arms Hotel

Temple of Bacchus, Baalbek (بعلبك), Located in the astrogeographical constellation of the air sign Libra, that stands for dancing and Leo that stands for pleasure and sexuality.

Rising Sun Hotel Lynmouth, Devon, England by Jenny Parry on 500px. Astrogeographic position: located in highly attractive fire sign Leo the sign of the Sun and in the first degrees of the sign which is the indication here for the "Rising of the Sun". 2nd coordinate in the highly profitable earth sign Taurus the sign of food, local food production, market places and grounding at local energetic centers in towns & in the countryside. Valid for field level 4.

Matri Mandir in the center of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India. Astrogeographic position: in the mental fire sign Sagittarius the sign of the priest castes and main indicator for style, design, decoration and ornamentation, round forms and balls. 2nd coordinate is in the highly profitable earth sign Taurus the sign of local centers and market places. Valid for field level 3.

World's Largest Pelican, Pelican Rapids, MN. Astrogeographic position: the site of this sculpture is located in the earth sign Taurus the sign of grounding and a typical coincidence here for a sculpture that refers to the name of the town. Taurus as the sign of collecting food could be seen as an indicator for the throat pouch of pelicans. 2nd coordinate at 0° Sagittarius sign of hunting, and a major indicator for design and decoration. Field level 4.

The Intihuatana in Machu Picchu, Peru, a ritual + calendar stone of the Inca. Built between 2100–2300 BC, the intihuatana at Písac is the same age as, if not older than E-ninnu and Stonehenge 2. Astrogeo position; in the fire sign leo the sign of the Sun and the earth sign Virgo indicator for an installation for calculating sowing and harvest seasons. Both valid for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the site of the calendar stone and the nearby Sun temple.

Market day, San Francisco el Alto, Western Highlands, Guatemala, 2640 m. Astrogeographic position: the town is located in between the dynamic fire sign Aries in case of a town indicator for its stategic importance to control a region and the earth sign Taurus the sign of market places and local agricultural centers. 2nd coordinate is in Libra the main indicator for Saint Francis of Assissi and for a free and open atmosphere. Valid for field level 3.

Knowth, neolithic passage grave, min. 2500 BC, Brú na Bóinne, Ireland. Later used as a hill fort and for living. Astrogeographic position: the midpoint of the largest mound is at 15° of the water sign Scorpio indicator of tombs and of the closed and fortress like building and at 15° of the earth sign Taurus which indicates a local center and even a market place character. Valid for field level 4.